The first stage of establishing cooperation is effective communication - getting to know each other's needs and expectations.

Before we propose corrective measures, we need to know and understand which area of your business needs attention.

For this purpose, basic information about the company's activities in the market, about products and suppliers and the current route of the product from supplier to end customer will be useful.

Setting goals

Taking effective action also requires setting certain priorities. It is impossible to do many things at once, because none of them will be done well enough to get the desired result.

We are therefore working on a task-based basis on several principles:

  • define your goal precisely and as simply as possible - simplicity is the key to understanding and accomplishing the task

  • define your goal so that it is viable to achieve - if you or your people do not believe in what they are doing, you will not achieve the intended results

  • identify the resources needed to achieve your goal - if you don't have the resources, materials, knowledge - don't do it

  • make an action plan - define the time frame of the different stages, flexibly make changes

  • complete the task, correct errors


The next step to optimization - that is, to increase the efficiency of processes, is an independent analysis of the current state.

Therefore, we analyze the current sales situation, inventory along with the rotation of goods and the implemented purchasing and delivery policy.

The company commissioning the analysis actively participates in this process. Provides and updates source data on an ongoing basis, including but not limited to:

  • current inventory

  • monthly and current sales statements

  • sales plan for the next quarter

  • order plan for the next quarter

  • up-to-date transport documents


The result of the analysis is a report of the current situation, indicating the key points for improving it. We will propose changes, suggest solutions.

The final decision on the implementation of the changes must always be made to the Customer.

Possible ranges of changes include:

  • product selection

  • new production channels

  • streamlining the procurement process

  • improving logistics efficiency

  • optimizing inventory policy

As a result, we optimize our business costs, resulting in measurable financial savings.

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