What logistics does

Logistics is a complex process of planning, implementing and controlling the smooth and economically efficient movement of goods to meet customer requirements.

The most important indicators for transport and logistics assessment are:

  • lead time – this is the length of the order execution cycle, i.e. the time between placing the order and receiving delivery

  • reliability – certainty of execution, compliance with the deadline and quality of delivery

  • quality – receiving delivery according to specific requirements

  • flexibility of delivery – the carrier's response to changes in specific requirements such as the time of loading, the size of the lot, the mode of transport

International transport in a diverse form applies to imports - maritime, rail, air, intermodal.

The process of transporting the order consists in taking the cargo from the place indicated by the customer and delivering it to the destination. The key to the efficient implementation of the delivery process is to choose the most advantageous road and means of transport for the customer.

Sea shipping

Maritime transport ensures a safe and timely delivery of goods to every continent.

EMEM Sp. z o.o. offers assistance and advice on the implementation of full-equipment (FCL) and general cargo (LCL) tailored to the customer's needs. FCL's full-energy transport offer includes a wide range of solutions, regular ship outings and reliable deliveries to all ports around the world.

LCL general cargo service is a good solution for smaller shipments. By sharing the container's cargo space with other cargoloaders, faster delivery and low inventory can be achieved. The freight fee applies only to the space used for its cargo in the container.

Transport by air

EMEM Sp. z o.o. offers assistance and advice on a wide range of air transport services to find the optimal balance between time and cost of delivery. We use solutions with the highest standards of quality and safety, thanks to which the cargo will fly to anywhere in the world.

Rail transport

Rail transport is a fast, cost-effective alternative to air and sea freight. Between Asia and Europe, rail transport is 50% faster than maritime transport and 60% cheaper than air transport, combining its greatest advantages.

Road transport

EMEM Sp. z o.o. offers assistance and advice in establishing regular road connections in Western, Central and Eastern Europe. The road transport services portfolio includes full-truck loads (FTL) and reloads (LTL).

FTL's full-truck service ensures maximum punctuality for urgent shipments within Europe for goods packed on pallets or without their participation. When using LTL service, the fee is only for the used cargo space.

Intermodal transport

Intermodal freight transport is the carriage of cargo using more than one mode of transport. The most important rule is to use only one cargo unit, e.g. a container along the entire route of transport, without transhipment of the goods themselves when changing the mode of transport.

EMEM Sp. z o.o. cooperates with a proven forwarding company, which ensures transport safety, excellent service and information at every stage of delivery of the order.

We will value all transport services for you individually for each load on the basis of the necessary information:

  • place of loading and unloading
  • port of arrival and reception in the case of sea and air supplies
  • type and size of cargo

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