Our offer is addressed to small and medium-sized companies interested in importing goods and optimizing logistics processes in their own organization.

We offer cooperation with both companies Polish and foreign entities interested in importing goods into their own markets.

We also offer assistance to individuals in bringing the order for their own use and in customs clearance of goods.

Need data analysis?

We will help you optimize your

  • we will perform an analysis of sales data, suppliers, transport

  • we will propose optimization measures

Need a new product?

We will help you find the best suppliers

  • we will search for factories producing the selected assortment, compare the offers and indicate the most advantageous option

  • we will conduct preliminary negotiations on trade conditions

  • we will help in the arrangement and transport of samples of goods

  • we will present information about trade fairs from a given industry taking place all over the world

Transport and logistics?

We will help you reduce costs

Integrated action brings the best results. By entrusting all logistics services to a single company, you can simplify procedures and reduce costs.

  • we will adjust the optimal transport options for the situation

  • we will ensure constant monitoring of delivery

  • we will offer favorable storage solutions

Need quality control services?

We offer product inspections, supplier audits and lab testing in all of China


China is Asia's major manufacturing powerhouse and a prime sourcing destination for many brands and retailers worldwide. Although, "made in China" is not always synonymous with poor quality product, but effective quality control mechanisms remain a priority for any business looking to secure their supply chain.

We offer:


  • supplier audits

  • product inspections at every stage of manufacturing

  • wide range of lab tests on products in China


Interested in importing?

We will help in its implementation


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