Want to start or streamline your purchasing processes?

Need changes?

Are you looking for an advisor, a partner with many years of experience in finding products and suppliers in different countries, a manager who will take care of your project?

Do you need to efficiently achieve your goals, analyze your purchasing data, and market analysis to plan your sales, then draw conclusions and find the optimal solutions?

Do you need efficient, safe and timely deliveries of sea, rail, air, road?

You've come to the right place because EMEM Sp. z o.o. offers assistance, advice and comprehensive import solutions to get what you need.

You don't need to know everything! EMEM Sp. z o.o. provides:

  • 18 years of experience in purchasing and supply logistics from China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and the European Union
  • since 2002, regular visits to factories and trade fairs
  • many completed purchasing projects
  • many products placed on the market, a large part of which is continuously in the general use of
  • several thousand containers imported by sea
  • more than 100 air and rail transports carried out
  • preparation of documentation for customs clearance
  • organisation of transport to destination

Are you interested in achieving your goal? EMEM Sp z o.o. is also:

  • analysis of data, ability to create and interpret tables, statements and graphs that help to understand the current situation and show the direction of further action

  • high regularity, good organisation, precision, taking the initiative to overcome the challenges

  • planning processes that lead from product preparation in the factory to its placing on the market

  • understanding of the principles of producers' action and thus the difficulties that both parties may encounter in

I offer my knowledge and experience so that through joint arrangements and our cooperation your company benefits from imports.

I invite you to cooperate.

Marek Krawiecki


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