It's your business. 12 steps to success

Do you have an idea for your own company but lack knowledge of formalities? Or have you already crossed the Rubicon and joined the ranks of private entrepreneurs? Wondering how to build effective sales, what marketing tools will you need? Are you considering whether it is worth becoming a franchising company? Are you trying all the tasks in person and feeling that you are slowly getting bogged down in unresolved issues and incomprehensible regulations?

These are the typical problems that a novice entrepreneur struggles with every day. In a few years you will probably laugh at it, but today you spend a dream out of sight. That's understandable — no one is an expert in running a business from the start! However, it is good to have a wise advisor with you. One who knows the answers to many of your questions and can explain each issue in a simple and understandable way. Briefly and in-text. Even better, when you can always have your mentor... with each other. When you can read the section you are interested in and explain any doubts. Now you have a chance to get such an advisor: It is your company that is the novice entrepreneur's guide prepared by business practitioners.

It's a book written specifically to help you start and grow your business effectively!




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