Czym jest jakość?
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What is quality?

For both sellers and buyers, this is the key word - QUALITY.

But what exactly is quality? We all know, but if we were to explain this concept specifically, we would often get into trouble. Why?

Because different people understand quality differently. For some, this concept means very expensive premium products, for others, they are cheap things that do not fall apart at the first use and will serve for some time. Quality is therefore inextricably linked with the specific expectations of a particular person about a product or service.

If the product meets my requirements, I rate it as a good quality product. I accept what it looks like, what its specification, price. This is what I was looking for and I get it.

If a product surprises me by offering something more than my requirements, I rate it as a very good quality product.

On the other hand, if the purchased product does not meet my minimum requirements with regard to its cost, I feel disappointed. Ultimately, therefore, I judge that the product in question is of too low quality for the price paid.

Therefore, the buyer's expectations in relation to the product or service are decisive. How many times have we been disappointed after buying online? Why? Because judging the product by photos, description or specification, and by price, we expected something different than what we actually purchased ...

"You get what you pay for" - how hackneyed, but how true, especially in the context of another well-known statement: "a product is worth exactly what someone wants to pay for it" ...

So quality is not only about physicality and the absence of product defects - quality is also about emotions that accompany us throughout the entire purchase process. We usually "buy with our eyes" and quickly assess:

- presentation of the offer

- availability of information

- professionalism and user-friendliness in case of questions or doubts.

After purchasing the dream product, we are interested in:

- appearance and description in accordance with the facts

- reaction to possible complaints.

All these factors ultimately give us a clear view of the quality of the seller and his offer. It is the emotions associated with it that will decide whether we will return to a given store, or rather we will stay away from it and discourage it from all our friends.

Quality is with us literally every moment of our lives, whether we like it or not.

- the quality of sleep and rest affects

- the quality and efficiency of our work, which translates into

- the quality of our relationships with colleagues and superiors who, in turn, influence

- the quality (size) of our remuneration, i.e. indirectly on

- the quality of life that we lead and on

- the quality of the products we can afford.

This is what it looks like in a nutshell.

The frustration and stress associated with the quality of everything that surrounds us, what happens to us, directly affects the way we respond to it all, how we react, how we "sell" ourselves to others ...

We are like this product, which through the emotional approach of our recipient can be perceived by him as "premium" or as "poor" ...

If as a boss you are constantly dissatisfied and show a negative attitude towards your subordinates, don't expect them to respect you for it ...

If, as a non-stop employee, you fail to fulfill your duties, don't expect to be rewarded for it ...

It is our emotions that determine whether you wake up in the morning with joy to welcome the new day or rather prefer not to get out of bed at all.

So in the end, in my opinion, quality can also be simply defined as "you get what you offer in return".

It is much easier with the products - if we are not satisfied with their quality, they can be advertised, replaced, returned.

In interpersonal relationships, at home, at work, on the street, it is much more difficult to maintain the right quality. Usually, we cannot afford to complain about a marriage, change our place of residence, resign from work or get rid of a valuable employee under the influence of temporary emotions and a temporary crisis.

Nevertheless, sometimes it just happens ...

How do you perceive the CV of a potential employee when you see that there is no room for too long?

How do you rate a company with continuous staff rotation at various levels?

What do you think of your neighbors who end up in a row every day?

Each of us works every day for our own quality, for reputation in private and professional life, often giving our best, but also expecting to appreciate our actions.

Nevertheless, there will always be someone with the slogan "There should be QUALITY!" he will answer "ok, somehow it will be" ...

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