Dlaczego import z Azji?
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Why import from Asia?

There are no coincidences, so it's hard to say that my interest in the subject of imports was accidental. However, we receive directions and signposts from Fate that direct our subconsciousness in the right direction. So the road to realizing what I should be doing in my working life was winding.

It started many years ago rather typically - learning a language, studies, first trips abroad and dreams of traveling, for the first time on a ship, on a plane ...

Finally, a longer, several-year trip, during which I am on my own. For the money I earn, I visit the big city in which I live and the immediate vicinity. Advertising folders, however, tempt with colorful, interesting places to relax - in the mountains, by the ocean, in the desert ...

During several years of my stay away from my family home, I met many interesting people from all over the world. For the first time I have come across cultures that are exotic for me: Chinese, Indian and Arabic. I have seen and visited many places, bought many flights and flown many miles, booked many hotels, searching for the best options on everything.

Classic, easy, nothing fancy - everyone does it now. NOW yes, but back then, in the 1990s it was not as simple and obvious as NOW!

1999 - the decision to return home and the first thought to fly through Asia, through Hong Kong, which has been appealing to me from advertising brochures for some time. However, the economic mode turned on me, which made me measure my willingness to opportunities and optimize the return for costs - the option to return via Hong Kong turned out to be too expensive ...

Searching for the best deals, booking transport, contact with other cultures, cost optimization - sound familiar? It should, because these are the basics of working in import.

My first visit to Hong Kong was in 2002, previously visiting suppliers in mainland China. So Asia reminded me of me, and the fascination with Hong Kong continues to this day!

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